Notary Public

signingJeffrey McCall is a Notary Public and Member of the New Zealand Society of Notaries.


Jeff can usually provide clients with same day Notarial Services by appointment.


In New Zealand, a Notary Public is a Lawyer whose role is to prepare documents, witness signatures, take sworn statements and verify documents which are for use overseas.


Notaries are able to determine the authenticity of documents originating from another country and can officially authenticate the documents or verify copies of the documents, which will be acceptable in the foreign jurisdiction. The roles of the Notary are recognised in most countries. In many countries, foreign documents will only be acceptable if they have been certified by a Notary.


Some of the services a Notary provides for overseas use include:


  • Witnessing of formal documents
  • Witnessing of Affidavits and Declarations
  • Authenticating and Verifying original and copy documents

A Notary will use his or her personalised seal to verify that he or she has directly witnessed a signature or that a document is a true copy of the original document sighted.


Client identification is an essential part of providing Notarial Services. Please bring your passport with you to the appointment.


Please note that the fee for Notarial Services is usually charged on a time basis and depends on the number of documents to be notarised and the number of certificates to be prepared. It may not always be possible to provide an accurate quote prior to the appointment, due to the variable nature of the work.


However, the fee is $175.00 plus GST and disbursements and $20 plus GST for any additional documents, payable on the day, by Eftpos using a debit or credit card. 


For assistance, please contact Jeff McCall.